University Peer Advising Link

For Incoming First Years

How do I get an advisor?

Only incoming first years (members of the Class of 2023) are eligible to receive a ULink academic peer advisor. The method for receiving an advisor varies by school.

College of Arts and Sciences

For the College of Arts and Sciences, students must select "yes" when asked whether they would like to be paired with an academic peer advisor from ULink on the Student Information Form that is sent to incoming students in May. Because ULink is continuing this year as a pilot program, ULink advisees will be selected at random from the group of students who indicate interest in receiving an advisor. Unfortunately, not all students will be able to receive an academic peer advisor for the 2018-2019 school year.

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

For the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, students will receive an advising e-mail over the summer from the School. In order to receive an academic peer advisor, students must respond to the advising survey contained in this email. All students will be able to receive an academic peer advisor for the 2018-2019 school year as ULink has expanded to meet the need.

School of Nursing

For the School of Nursing, all students will receive an advisor for the 2018-2019 school year.

Curry School of Education

For the Curry School of Education, all students will receive an advisor for the 2018-2019 school year.

What Can An Advisor Do For Me?

  • Assist with the course selection process
  • Help you effectively use all of the University's electronic resources (SIS, Lou's List, Collab, ARC, etc.)
  • Provide guidance on building strong faculty relationships
  • Point you in the direction of student organizations that are interesting and/or relevant to your academic interests
  • Offer general insight into academic affairs and help you navigate your first year at the University of Virginia
  • Help explain graduation requirements, major requirements, and how to manage these requirements
  • Direct you towards appropriate professional, career-oriented University resources (UCS, etc.)

What Does The Year with ULink Look Like? 

All ULink advisors meet with their advisees at least two times a semester: once early in the semester and once before course selection. In addition, advisees meet with their advisors whenever they have a question, concern, or academic issue. Other than meeting in person, advisors can also be reached by e-mail or phone. In addition, advisors will hold office hours where advisees can walk in freely with questions.

Throughout the year, ULink organizes events where advisors and advisees from similar fields or areas of academic interest can meet each other in more relaxed social settings. These events allow people from different advising networks to interact with each other and have fun. 


If you have a question, you can contact your school coordinator: 

CLAS Coordinators                                                                           SEAS Coordinator        

Lauren Barbieri       and                    Kayla Light                              Jacob Ziller             

leb4nq@virginia.edu                    kl5hc@virginia.edu                   jsz5de@virginia.edu

CURRY Coordinator                      NURS Coordinator

Haleigh Hopper                               Alice Bremer

hmh3zw@virginia.edu                     aeb7ak@virginia.edu