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For Advisors

What is an Advisor?

An advisor is a knowledgeable upperclassman who is available to help first year advisees find and choose options best suited for their interests and academic success. Additionally, advisors are trained in U.Va.'s supplemental resources including SIS, Collab, and ARC, in order to teach advisees how to enhance their studies. We've selected advisors who are engaged, successful, and excited to assist the next incoming class of students! Advisor responsibilities include completing training, initiating and maintaining contact with advisees (virtually and in-person), and reporting on your advisor-advisee relationship. Of course ULink will offer socials to thank our advisors for their hardwork as well as to foster an internal community.

Advisor expectations are listed below:

  • Assist with the course selection process
  • Help advisees effectively use all of the University's resources (SIS, Lou's List, Collab, etc.)
  • Provide guidance on how to build strong relationships with professors
  • Help explain graduation requirements, major requirements, and how to manage these requirements
  • Point advisees in the direction of student organizations that they find interesting and/or relevant to their interests
  • Offer general insight in academic affairs and help advisees navigate their first year at the University of Virginia
  • Direct advisees towards appropriate professional resources



If you have a question, you can contact your school coordinator: 

CLAS Coordinators 

Lauren Barbieri: leb4nq@virginia.edu   

Helen Query: heq8ef@virginia.edu                                                

SEAS Coordinator        

Jacob Ziller: jsz5de@virginia.edu

CURRY Coordinator                      

Haleigh Hopper: hmh3zw@virginia.edu

NURS Coordinator

Alice Bremer: aeb7ak@virginia.edu